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Sunday Snapshot: Perfect Summer Skirts

Sunday Snapshot: Perfect Summer Skirts | The Zen of Making

When the weather gets warm, I’m definitely the kind of gal who prefers a comfy, breezy skirt to a pair of shorts. So, in preparation for another steamy Brooklyn summer, I decided to dedicate this past week to designing my ideal no-fuss summer skirt—with pockets, of course!

The skirt in today’s snapshot is a wearable muslin that I made using my basic elastic-waist skirt design, dressed up with a few running stitch stripes to give it some personality. (Alas, cotton muslin isn’t the most exciting of fabrics.) Over the next few days, I’ll be sewing a few more trial versions of the pattern—I’m still playing with the perfect pocket height—and then I’ve got a tutorial in the works for you guys in the coming week. (Hooray!)

Man, I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long, long time!

Who else is currently in SEW ALL OF THE SKIRTS mode?

Sunday Snapshot: In Search of the Perfect A-Line Skirt Pattern

Sunday Snapshot: In Search of the Perfect A-Line Skirt Pattern | The Zen of Making

It’s a dreary, rainy Sunday here in Brooklyn, and the only thing I want to do is sew. More specifically, I want to sew a-line skirts. Alas, I’m not satisfied with any of the a-line skirt patterns I’ve already made, so I’m digging through my book collection in search of something better. (All I want is a basic a-line skirt pattern that I don’t have to draft it myself. Is that really so hard?!) Well, seeing as how I have ALL OF THE SEWING BOOKS, I should be able to find something, right? Wish me luck!

Do you have a favorite basic a-line skirt sewing pattern? Help a gal out—share your links and recommendations!

Sunday Shapshot: Bicycle Skirt for CHA

In celebration of CHA Summer 2012, I made a fancy new bicycle skirt to wear on the show floor!

Heading to the show? Say hello if you spot me! Can’t make it this year? Get up-to-the-minute updates on all of the crafty goings on by following me on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m so excited to see all of my crafty BFFs and to check out all of the latest products from my favorite craft-related companies! Huzzah, CHA!

Sunday Snapshot: Skirts with Friends

I spent all day yesterday in the studio, hanging out with Melanie, my BFF. She’s a talented knitter, but she’s never sewn more than a button, so I walked her through the first steps in making her very own skirt. Up next: the sewing machine!

Anyone else making skirts on this beautiful Easter Sunday?