Sunday Snapshot: Tiny Cranky Haley, Week 2

Sunday Snapshot: Tiny Cranky Haley, Week 2 | The Zen of Making

This week, Tiny Cranky Haley was, well, cranky. (And tragically lacking the bad paranormal reality television necessary for long hours of stitching.)

Fringe problems.

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Tutorial Update: Plus Size Fit Guide for the Perfect Summer Skirt!

Tutorial Update: Plus Size Fit Guide for the Perfect Summer Skirt! | The Zen of Making

I’ve added a fancy new plus size fit guide to my Perfect Summer Skirt (with Pockets) tutorial! (Huge thanks to Amy at Knitty for her helpful feedback!)

The updated fit guide includes the following fixes:

  • Removing extra fabric fullness that can make the skirt look puffy/make the gathers around the waist look and feel too bulky in plus sizes or when using thicker fabrics
  • Adjusting a too-big waistband for a snugger fit and better fabric gathering around the waist

Tutorial Update: Plus Size Fit Guide for the Perfect Summer Skirt! | The Zen of Making

Ready to start sewing? You can find the suggested changes to the pattern and waistband construction in the blue box in step 1 of my Perfect Summer Skirt (with Pockets) tutorial.

That’s all for now, my crafty pals! Go forth and sew some skirts!

Review: Foldio Portable Mini Photo Studio

Review: Foldio Portable Mini Photo Studio | The Zen of Making

As a professional craft blogger, good photographs are one of the most important elements of my job. And, while I didn’t begin blogging with the intention of becoming a better photographer, it’s definitely a skill I’ve honed out of both necessity and the desire to share. Because, as it turns out, whether I’m capturing finished projects or creating step-by-step tutorials, images that are clear, sharp, and well-lit are every bit as important as my written instructions and descriptions—especially now that Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter image posts are the new go-to places for DIY inspiration.

Now, here’s where the utterly magical Foldio portable mini photo studio from orangemonkie enters the scene.

You know that moment when you see a gadget on the internet that’s so brilliant that you exclaim in joyful bursts of expletives while frantically scrambling for your credit card? Yeah, the Foldio was one of those. I mean, a fully-functional light box with built-in LED lighting that requires only a few seconds of setup time AND can fold up small enough to fit in my shoulder bag? My, but the world is filled with miraculous things! (Also miraculous: No longer needing to constantly wrestle with my giant light box and three unwieldy lights.)

So, presented with with this glorious object, I did the only logical thing. I threw down my $50 and waited [im]patiently for the UPS guy to arrive.

Here’s what I thought:

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Sunday Snapshot: Tiny Cranky Haley Cartoons

Sunday Snapshot: Tiny Cranky Haley Cartoons | The Zen of Making

The Tiny Cranky Haley series. Because, turns out, the internet likes it when I post tiny cartoon drawings of me saying very cranky things.

My Tiny Cranky Haley series began on Tuesday with an afternoon filled with irritations, a micron pen that hadn’t been put away properly, and the giant stack of blank notecards that I always keep in my studio workspace. It did not, however, begin with me having any actual drawing skills. (I am a woman of many talents, but, despite owning may solid how-to books on the subject, drawing has never really been one of them.) So, when I drew the first sketch, I was just as surprised as anyone to find that tiny cartoon me actually did kind of look like human me. (Hooray!) Then, to my delight, I also discovered that drawing my complaint had made it funny, and suddenly I wasn’t feeling so cranky anymore. (Even more hooray!)

Pleased and amused, I decided to share that first drawing. And, when it seemed to cheer you guys up too, I decided to keep going. I finished out the last work week with a new drawing each afternoon, and I think I’ll keep it up for a while. (I mean, we all know how much I like to complain on the internet!) You can follow me on Instagram to join in on future cranky fun.

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