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O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! My Captain! | The Zen of Making

So very sad. Rest in peace, Robin Williams.


Shame on a world that looks upon mental illness with fear, judgement, and contempt simply because it feels helpless, impotent, and ignorant in the face of such a struggle. I’ve dealt with depression my whole life. And, dearest readers, if you struggle too, know that you are not alone. Should you find yourself in need of help, please, please, please seek it out. You matter. You are important.

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5 Simple Drawing Tools for Quick Cartoon Sketches

5 Simple Drawing Tools for Quick Cartoon Sketches | The Zen of Making

Over the past couple of weeks, my Tiny Cranky Haley series has gotten a rather surprising amount of attention and encouragement from fellow crafters on social media. This has been, to say the least, completely unexpected. When I drew the first sketch of crotchety cartoon me, it was meant to inject a moment of levity into a long day, but I wasn’t prepared for other people to connect with her so strongly, and I certainly didn’t think I’d start taking daily drawing breaks just to continue the adventure. But, turns out, I really like drawing Tiny Cranky Haley. And, do you know what else? Insecurities aside, it doesn’t even matter that I’m not very good at drawing—it’s actually better that way. Because, in addition to ending up with a new cartoon to share with you guys, every time I pull out a fresh notecard, I’m also giving myself the opportunity to learn something new, the practice I need to improve a skill that I’ve always wanted to have, and the experience required to build confidence in my own ability to wield a pen. (Everybody wins!) Bottom line: Creating a silly sketch each day is a damn delightful bright spot in my busy afternoons, and I really think that you should give it a try too!

5 Simple Drawing Tools for Quick Cartoon Sketches | The Zen of Making

Need a trip to the art store before you get started? Think again. Here are the five supplies that I’ve been using to make Tiny Cranky Haley happen—you probably already have most of them in your own creative space!

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