Sunday Snapshot: Pussyhat + Pussycat with Tiny Cranky Haley

Sunday Snapshot: Pussyhat + Pussycat with Tiny Cranky Haley

A pussyhat-themed Tiny Cranky Haley just didn’t seem right without my mischievous Simon Paws. Because, oh, the many joys of curious cats in the craft studio!

Speaking of making my drawings move: I’m definitely getting better at digital illustration, which makes creating animated GIFs like this one a whole lot easier. Hooray for practice-makes-perfect, and hooray for technology! So, you can probably look forward to seeing even more of these fancy moving Tiny Cranky Haley drawings in the future, because, turns out, they’re especially fun to make when I’m in serious procrastination mode.

A quick note for the uninitiated: In case you’re not already familiar, Tiny Cranky Haley is a mini version of me that I draw sometimes, mostly when I’m annoyed, but also when I’m delighted, or when the cat has done something weird. You can see more of Tiny Cranky Haley on #tinycrankyhaley on Instagram.

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