Sunday Snapshot: Mr. and Mrs. Fox Masks

Sunday Snapshot: Mr. and Mrs. Fox Masks | The Zen of Making

Sunday Snapshot: Mr. and Mrs. Fox Masks | The Zen of Making

Halloween was mostly cancelled this year in the Pierson-Cox household. Jeremy had a cold, the cats had just gotten home from the vet, and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy made it nearly impossible to get around in NYC anyway, so we surrendered. Instead of running amok with the costume-wearing hoards, we spent the evening sewing our own Mr. and Mrs. Fox masks. (Look! Mine was made to fit under my glasses!)

Sunday Snapshot: Mr. and Mrs. Fox Masks | The Zen of Making

Just for the record, Jeremy sewed the Mr. Fox mask himself. This is yet another reason why my husband is awesome. Plus, men at sewing machines=totally hot.

Now, who’s going to throw a Wes Anderson costume party so we’ll actually have an excuse to wear these?!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Mr. and Mrs. Fox Masks”

  1. This is so awesome! I never thought about incorporating my specs into the design of the mask like that. Last year, I made Other Mother button eyes that I sewed onto my glasses, but those were the frame. This is the cutest mask!

  2. The fox masks are too adorable and EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! Can you tell me where you got the pattern from? Please don’t say you made it up as I’m just not skilled in that area!

    Great post you have here, by the way!

    Pam G.

  3. I’m so happy that I stumbled across this post- our three year old son just got glasses, and with Halloween coming up, I can use this idea to incorporate his glasses! Thank you for the inspiration! I think Captain America will be very happy this year :)

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