Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Striped Slippers

Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Striped Slippers | The Zen of Making

Make a cozy pair of crocheted slippers with this quick and easy rainbow striped slipper tutorial!

In the photo above, the finished rainbow slippers were each completed using one skein of self-striping Da Vinci yarn from Lion Brand Yarn. If you use this yarn, you will not need to make color changes as you crochet. (Different yarn colors in the tutorial photos below indicate different parts of the pattern. Do not change colors in your own project.)

Pattern notes: This pattern makes one pair of crocheted slippers in women’s size 7-8 US/men’s size 5-6 US. Instructions are included below for lengthening or shortening the pattern for other adult shoe sizes. The slippers are designed to be wide enough to accommodate thick socks, and they will stretch slightly with wear. To get a snugger fit, try sizing down or using a smaller hook and adjusting the pattern as necessary.

Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Striped Slippers | The Zen of MakingWant to make a pair of ballet flat-style slippers like the ones in my crochet embroidery and felt slipper soles tutorials? See rows 10-26 for the pattern adjustment.

* 2 skeins Da Vinci by Lion Brand Yarn (super bulky), Autumn colorway
* 2 wooden buttons, 1" square

* Crochet hook, 9mm (US size M)
* Darning/yarn needle, large
* Scissors

If you’re ready to learn the basics of crochet, check out the Crochet 101 video tutorial that I made for CRAFT!

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Pattern abbreviations:
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
sl: slip stitch
st: stitch

The Toe of the Slipper
The first part of the pattern is worked in the round.

Ch 3 and join with a sl st in first ch.
Round 1: Ch 1, work 8 sc in ring, sl in first sc to join. (8 sts.)
Round 2: Ch 1, work 2 sc in each sc, sl in first sc to join. (16 sts.)
Round 3: Ch 1, *work 2 sc in sc, sc in next sc; repeat from * around, sl in first sc to join. (24 sts.)

Round 4-9: Ch 1, sc in each sc, sl in first sc to join. (24 sts.)

The Foot and Heel of the Slipper
This part of the pattern is worked flat in rows (back and forth) instead of in the round.

Row 10-26: Ch 1, sc in 20 sc, turn. (20 sts.) Fasten off and weave in the end.

This pattern creates a slipper that will fit a women’s 7-8/men’s 5-6 shoe size. For larger or smaller sizes, increase or decrease the number of rows as needed. When making adjustments to the length, keep in mind that the slippers will stretch out a bit when they are worn, so the final length should be an inch or two shorter than the actual length of your foot.

Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Striped Slippers | The Zen of MakingPattern adjustment: To make a pair of ballet flat-style slippers (like the ones seen in my crochet embroidery and felt slipper soles tutorials), sc in 16 or 18 stitches in rows 10-26 to make a wider foot opening.


Join the two sides of the heel together with sl stitches from bottom to top. Fasten off and weave in the ends. (You can sl on either the outside or inside of the slipper.)

Once the heels are joined, sc all the way around the top edge, starting at the center of the heel and working your way around the slipper opening. Sl into the first sc to join. (You can also sl all the way around the edge if the top is getting too bulky.) Fasten off.

Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Striped Slippers | The Zen of Making

Cut a 6" length of yarn, then use a darning needle to sew the button in place on top of the slipper.

To finish the slippers, weave in all ends.

Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Striped Slippers | The Zen of Making

Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Striped Slippers | The Zen of Making


Want to make a an even fancier pair of slippers? Here are the tutorials that you’ll need to get the job done:

33 thoughts on “Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Striped Slippers

        • Hi Lynn,
          Unfortunately, since I don’t have any kids in my household, I have absolutely no idea what size a child-sized 5-6 slipper would end up being. (Turns out, kid feet are not nearly as universally scalable as adult feet, where you can just add or subtract some length and the pattern will fit most people!) To adapt the pattern, I recommend trying smaller yarn/smaller hooks (maybe start with worsted weight) until the toe of the slipper is the correct circumference to fit around the child’s foot, then work as many rows for the foot/heel as needed for slippers to be the right length. Best of luck!
          Haley Pierson-Cox recently posted..Knitting and Crocheting with a Plan

          • If you wrap a sock round your fist toe to heel -round from knuckle back to knuckle the sock will fit your foot ?! Seriously try it with kids adults alike not stretch size 10 will fit hubby 6 you so on so forth so next time you have said child near by a piece of yarn wrapped round her./his hand should determine the size of their tootsies

  1. So cute and EASY! Just found this and can’t wait to dig out some yarn and make a pair. My grandmother taught me to crochet years ago while watching football after Thanksgiving dinner and I never learned to follow a pattern. I always had to see it. This is a pattern I can see I can follow. If I get busy I could make some wonderful Christmas gifts.
    Jan recently posted..Quick and Easy Dog Cape

  2. Saw these on pinterest & love the style & color, even better, pattern looks simple. I’ve never crocheted slippers & I wear a size 10 also. When you resize, do you just add on to the length, or do you need to add onto the width also? Thanks!

  3. I just love the pattern and the yarn that is used and therefore lays the problem. I wanted to make the slippers using just that yarn, but it’s made using wool. The slippers are for my beloved aunt and she’s allergic to wool. Can you help me? The minute I saw them, my heart set on the beautiful colorist you used. Can you give a suggestion of another yarn (hopefully wool free) that would give close to the same results. Thank you so much, Earlene Wallace.

  4. I was just curious if it makes a big difference starting with the ch3 and then sc8 in the loop, or if starting with a magic circle sc8 would work as well. Thanks!

  5. I’ve already made about a dozen of these wonderful slippers for an upcoming family get-together. We have new carpeting and I’m hoping they will inspire everyone to shed their shoes and grab some slippers. My question is; how do I reduce the size for kids? I’ve tried on my own but they look goofy! Thanks for this great and easy-to-follow pattern!

  6. I love these slippers. My grandmother used to make these for our family when we were little. I always wished she would of had a pattern written down to follow, but she did them by memory. I think I will try and make a pair for my parents, brothers , husband and my children for next Christmas. What a wonderful gift as well as treasured memory for all. Thank you!

  7. Loved your tutorial. Very uncomplicated to where anyone can understand. I actually made these while watching the tutorial. Keep up the good work on these tutorials. Very Good!

  8. I LOVE these!!! I am a beginner, and they were so easy. They bring back fond memories of my grandma and her Christmas gift of knit slippers. I am on my 5th pair for friends and family. Thank you for the pattern!

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